Spring Projects & A Lil’ MSLC Magic

Spring is the time of plans and projects.

Hello Friends,
Hope you are having a fantastic week.  Are you ready to talk logs?  Or maybe “spring” is more prevalent on your mind.  I know by mid January, many of us are ready for the snow to melt and for spring to arrive.  Let’s talk about both!  Spring is the time for planning and projects.  Logs, equal beautiful creations and projects.  Put them together and what do you get?  MSLC spring projects!  What kinds of projects do you have planned for this spring?  If you have not taken the time to peek at some of our past projects, I encourage you to do so.  Our Gallery page has photos of homes & cabins we have completed along with descriptions about each project.  A great way to get inspired about your next project.  We also have lots of boards on our Pinterest page for inspiration on projects both large and small.  Let’s take a look at one of my favorite past projects.  A wonderful historic cabin that was transformed into this beautiful log home whilst keeping its original flavor.  A little MSLC magic!

Montana Specialty Log Construction had a vision which started with our historic cabin and site.

Nelson took our 80 year old cabin and transformed it in a manner which retained the original and melded it with new construction. He also worked within the confines of a difficult site. Our cabin which had served for 80 years has been given new life. Nelson worked with us and provided us with a unique log home. He was also able to transform walls which originally had been tapered inward to stand vertically without sacrificing the original saddle notching.

Nelson Troyer has many years of experience working with logs. This was critical for the successful transformation of our vision. He retained the original flavor, corrected the flaws, added new complementary touches, and made the vision reality.

John and Rhonda Bell, Ashley Lake, Kila, Mt

To see more photos and details about this project, click Here.

Current Projects & Products

If you are new to logs, you may not yet know the importance of chink and stain. Chinking and Staining are essential to any log building. Chinking seals off air (and also that nasty fly or bee) that finds its way between logs. Staining preserves and protects logs from weather, moisture, sun bleaching, insects, etc. We use Sashco brand products here at MSLC. There are many different colors of chink and stain to choose from, including a clear stain, which is often used in interior settings, as it leaves the logs as light and natural as possible. Click Here to read more about the products we use.

New flooring going in at the Clark’s Fork Addition. Visit our Facebook page to hear Aaron explain about the process.

A local addition we are working on. We are using Sashco's Log Jam for the chinking and will be staining with a compatible stain color. Stay tuned!

I hope you are looking forward to spring and new projects and yet are able to enjoy mid January as well.  It is the perfect time to leaf through pages of garden and home magazines.  To draw up plans and write down lists.  I would love to hear about your own plans and ideas, or even see some of your lists & sketches.  Let me know what you’re up to!

Enjoy the mid winter down time and let’s get excited about planning!
Until next time,