The Log Wall System

Our LOG WALL SYSTEM allows us to assemble beautiful log homes and cabins very efficiently on the job site by first building each section in our LOG YARD. These sections include the subfloors, walls, corners, trusses, ceiling panels, staircases etc. Once complete, they are then loaded, delivered to the site and “boomed” into place. After assembly, the sheathing and metal roof panels are installed. Next come the windows and doors along with trim and sills. Additional features include porch/decking (covered or noncovered), exterior stairways, rails and electrical prep (grooves pre-drilled for wiring and outlets) . We also provide great options for “turn-key” homes as well, so you can move right in!


Everything begins at the Log Yard in beautiful Heron, MT! Here we preassemble each section. These include the subfloor(s), walls, trusses, ceiling panels, and staircases.


Detail Booth

Next, the sections are moved to the Detail Booth where the DETAIL work begins. This includes grinding down the knots and sanding any rough surfaces to create a smooth finish. Next, the logs are stained and clear coated, followed by chinking. The results are stunning!



Loading & Transport

Load it up and away we go! It’s always fun to see these beautiful pieces arrive on the job site. This is where the rubber meets the road, and what was once just a DREAM is now very much becoming a REALITY! This is just as gratifying for us as builders as it is for the log homeowner.





Once on site, everything is “boomed” into place and secured by our team. The walls are set on the subfloor. Staircases, loft floor joists and panels are installed and secured before moving on to the trusses and gables. Next, the roof purlins are “boomed” into place, and the log home corners and set and cut. King Trusses and porch posts are installed followed by the roofing system (6″ spray foam insulation included for an R41 value). Knotty pine TNG (tongue and groove) panels are cut and secured along the interior. Exterior stairways and rails are the finishing touches. Once complete, these projects are thoroughly inspected for any flaws. We “touch-up” staining and chinking as necessary. And WOW, what a beautiful log home!