Log Home Restoration

In addition to new construction builds, we also enjoy restoring antique or heirloom homes and cabins. This often entails replacing old rotted logs. Media blasting a weathered or outdated dark-stained (or painted) home, is a great way to rejuvenate and update. 

Depending on the condition of your home, restoration begins with the removal and replacement of rotted logs. If the logs are weathered and in need of staining, media blasting has proven to be the most thorough process in preparing your home for the application of stain/clear coat. If the logs have never been stained, media blasting is not usually needed.

Applying products like Sashco’s CPR or “X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer” and then pressure washing is another effective way to prepare your home for staining. Check out the image galleries below that features several of the homes we have enjoyed restoring.

A porch or roofline extension will enhance the beauty of your home as well as add protection to any logs which are excessively exposed to sun and rain. There is no “typical” restoration, the options are limitless!

If you have any questions, give us a call at the Office (406) 847-2316
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Lagges Restoration

The transformation of this home was amazing! The homeowners were interested in a contemporary, but unique look, and they found it! After media blasting the exterior siding and log work, our team palm-sanded, grinded and buffed in preparation for the Autumn Aspen stain. Pro-grade black paint was used on the fascia, trim and purlins, which contrasted beautifully with the stain. On the interior, an existing round log beam was replaced with new timber-frame beams, adding beauty and structural integrity. The interior log work was prepped, stained and chinked as well! 

More Pictures to Come!

Lausen Project

This log home was stained and chinked in July 2020 in Libby, MT. This was a new construction project that we were asked to put the finishing touches on! The homeowners went with a Weathered Wood & Chestnut stain finish, which ended with phenomenal results!

“Upon retirement we had a lovely small log home built and our log provider recommended Sashco products for staining and chinking. After talking to Nick in Denver who was great help he suggested we go with Montana Specialty Log Homes out of Heron Montana. Nelson Troyer  came and met with us and listened to what we wanted. We ended up with great contrast and a beautiful home. We left the inside natural color and stained the beams dark as well as the door frames. Went with black windows and dark window trim outside. Thank you so much for an amazing experience.”

                  – Leroy and Vickie Lausen

Lanzoni Restoration

This log home was restored in June 2020 somewhere in Montana 🙂 …. this home was already in good shape, but the owners asked us to clean, restain and rechink to extend the life, longevity and integrity of this beautiful log home. Check out the results!

Watkins Addition + Restoration

David and Amy reached out to us for an addition on their existing log home as well as restoration work. Check out these pictures to see our work from the demolition phase all the way to a job well done! Next up for the Watkins: a complete makeover to their Pool Room 🙂

Hungry Horse, MT

ROT REPLACEMENT – Done right! If you’re in need of Log Restoration or Replacement, please don’t hesitate to call and get on our schedule for 2020!

Kendall Historic Restoration

This building was constructed in 1908! The first order of business was to media blast, removing the old stain. Next, rotten logs were replaced & concrete chink was removed. Grinding, osborne and palm sanding followed to create a perfect surface for the new Chestnut stain.  Clear coat was applied and Mortar White color chinking was installed, resulting in a stunning transformation! 

Greg Voyles Restoration

"Nelson, just a short note to let you know my appreciation of the repair you did to my log home. You arrived on time and it was interesting to watch you and Scott tackle the job with such professionalism. The job was completed in record time and turned out beautiful. It's good to know there are still honest and professional contractors out there. You will be the one I reach out to for any future needs for my home. Stay safe and keep the fountain flowing. Thanks again.
- George

Greg Bruce

"Montana Specialty Log Construction is a first-class company. They arrived on site and completely blasted my house to bare logs, treated the wood, stained the entire house and repaired missing and damaged chinking in addition to caulking a large number of log checks. From the time they started to the time they did their final clean-up it took 4-1/2 days. I am VERY happy with how everything turned out and would recommend this company to anyone"
- Greg Bruce

Jarod & Amy Glick

Jarod & Amy contacted us with some major problems, knowing something had to be done soon! When it would rain from the North, water would penetrate through the wall and run down the interior of the house! Along with replacing the rotted logs on the north end, they decided to go ahead media blast, re-chink and stain the whole house giving it a real face lift with extending the north roof line 18'. This provided ample protection and a beautiful covered porch! Sep. 2015
Jarod & Amy Glick

Martha Ball Corner Restoration

Shown here is a small local restoration job we did in the fall of 2014. The rotten logs shown in the photos were the result of a poor roof design and lack of overhang, causing water to run onto the corner of the house. We cut out the portion of the logs that were rotting and replaced them with new cedar logs. To finish the restoration, we sealed everything up by chinking both the interior and exterior of the newly replaced logs. 

"I was so stressed out about the rotting logs on a corner of my house. When Nelson came to bid on the repair, I was so sure he would just shake his head and give me the worst news. Instead he just dove in with no hesitation and got the job done. He and his helpers worked so hard, and didn’t quit until the log replacement was complete, with little to no inconvenience to me. He knows what he is doing and hits it hard and with confidence. In fact I tell people that I am sure Nelson was born with a chainsaw in his hands, the way he maneuvered himself and the saw up and down the ladder. I love my new sturdy log corner and recommend Nelson and Sarah to everyone!"
Martha Ball
Cabin Corner Replacement

Ashley Lake Restoration

Here we are stripping an 80-yr-old heirloom log cabin in the summer of 2013. We began scribing/fitting all the logs together for the heirloom log cabin as well as the logs for a 28′ by 33′ log home addition. The new design is shown in the plan below. Most of the assembly was done at our Log Yard in Heron, MT. What a transformation!

Before ...

Bean Restoration

This is a photo gallery featuring a restoration job for Charles and Nancy Bean of Troy, ID. This cabin is about 30 years old and some of the south-facing logs were rotted out due to excessive exposure to rain and sun. The rain had run down the large bay window and rotted out the logs beneath the window as well as the subfloor. There were also some logs with up-facing cracks to the left of the bay window that had rotted from the inside out. We replaced the large bay window with a patio door. In addition to that and replacing the rotten logs, we also added a 12′ covered porch to help prevent further excessive exposure to rain and sun.  The entire job went very quickly. We started on Monday, October 14, 2013 and were finished on Saturday, October 19.

Jim Marshall Restoration

This gallery features the latest restoration job. This job, located in Trout Creek, MT, is for Jim Marshall and Dawn Robanske. We media blasted the log walls, soffit, fascia, and structural posts. After that, we stained what we had stripped with “Natural” color Transformation Stain®, a Sashco® product. The stripping is shown in progress and completed, and the last several pictures feature the completed staining job as well. We even have a short video showing the blasting process.