Rustic Flooring

We are happy to present our burnt, circular sawn, rustic flooring. 
The lumber we use is a mixture of Red Fir and Tamarack (Larch) 3/4″ T&G.  These are considered to be the hardwoods of the pines.

Our flooring gives you the rustic appearance of the floors from the early 1900’s. Settlers that moved to the West used what they had, which was rough-sawn lumber.  We are offer you the same rustic look with the quality and functionality of today’s flooring! 

Call today for your free estimate and more info: (406) 847-2316

  Starting at: $24.50 / sq. ft.


We currently have three different shades of burned color to choose from: Light, Medium, and Dark. Note that actual color may vary depending on your computer’s color setting as well as the raw wood varying in color.