Chinking & Staining


Chinking and Staining are essential to any log building. Chinking seals off air (and also that nasty fly or bee) that finds its way between logs. Staining preserves and protects logs from weather, moisture, sun bleaching, insects, etc.

   There are many different colors of chink and stain to choose from. There is even a clear stain, which is often used in interior settings because it preserves the log’s natural beauty!

   If you need your new or old home chinked or stained, or for more information and pricing, contact us at:

Office (406) 847-2316 or Nelson’s Cell (406) 529-7664.

Products Used

Log Cleanser & Brightener
Wood Preservative
Sashco Capture Log Stain
Sashco Capture Colors
Transformation Stain Colors
Transformation Stain
Sashco Cascade Exterior Clear
Sashco Symphony Interior Clear
Log Jam Chink
Log Jam Chink Colors