Hello Friends, With the coming of a new year, we get a chance for  fresh starts, new resolutions and unspoiled dreams.  Reminds me of the clean, fresh fallen snow.  I love the feeling of the unspoiled landscape after a new snow.  It’s like hitting the reset button.  Here’s to clean beginnings!  Glad you were able to stop by.  Let’s do a little dreaming together. At Montana Specialty Log Construction, we understand how important quality work, custom craftsmanship and honest communication is for that special project.  This week we are going to debunk some fairly common misconceptions about log home living.  Let’s get started….

Sometimes we come across someone who believes owning a log home is just too much work. That the maintenance is too cumbersome. Let’s take a closer look at these concerns. Do log homes require maintenance? Yes, log homes (as does any home) do require care and maintenance. First and foremost, to prevent potential problems with your home, use a qualified log home builder for the construction. This is so important. Log construction requires special skills and knowledge that differ from your everyday stick built home. Quality building and professional sealants will make a world of difference. Be wary of the guy who says he has a load of cheap logs and hints that he is able to put them together for you. In the long run, this will be no bargain at all.

Meet Miss Selah Troyer

Selah would like you to know that her daddy is the best log cabin builder in the Northwest. Selah enjoys living in her own log home with her three attentive older brothers. She thinks Montana Specialty Log Construction should become your go-to company for all your log cabin needs. Selah knows that MSLC is a special company full of special people ready to help you make your dream home or project become a reality. "Give my daddy a call, he can help.

Secondly, don’t let the word “maintenance” scare you.   Think of maintaining your vehicle or even your teeth.  In order for your vehicle to run correctly, you need to have an oil change done every so often, and in order to keep your smile white and healthy, you visit the dentist.  Right?  This doesn’t discourage us from owning a car or drinking coffee.  Log home ownership is much the same.   The issue is often that homeowners don’t know what to do or look for with logs.  It is not that it is hard, it is that we need to be told how logs work.  To educate ourselves.  There are some very simple steps to take to keep your log home beautiful and comfortable.  Some tips in our post Log Home Care can give you some information on maintenance and prevention.  You can also sign up for MSLC’s Maintenance Program.  Just like bringing your car to the mechanic instead of changing the oil yourself.  It is up to you.  Give us a call with any questions or to join our Log Home Care family.  It is great for giving assurance & peace of mind while protecting your biggest investment.
                       For new homes as well as older homes with per-existing issues.

It has been a pleasure visiting with you. I hope you have come away with more confidence about owning a log home. We take pride in our specialty work and truly enjoy our special customers. Don’t be afraid to drop us a line with any questions you may have. We are here to help.