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We are a Small, Family-owned and Operated business in beautiful northwest Montana. We enjoy working directly with our customers and make it our goal to serve you to the best of our abilities. Whether it’s new CONSTRUCTION of a natural log home, RESTORING a beloved older home, or MAINTAINING your current log home, we are here for you! We also offer a range of services including: log additions, porch or roof line extensions, log railings, custom stairways, character design,                                                                                                chinking, staining, entryways, fencing, and more …                                                                                             Thank you for checking out our site! We’re so glad you stopped by!

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How It All Started
Nelson Troyer was born in the heart of log cabin country in Libby, Montana. His father, Richard Troyer, has been building log homes for over 25 years. Growing up in an Amish family, Nelson worked along side his dad, learning the trade from experienced hands at a very young age. In 2008, Nelson moved to Heron, MT, and began doing the work he knew… thus Montana Specialty Log Construction was born!

"I'm a fairly picky customer and also a bargain hunter-  after spending several years of trying to find a great small home for a great price I was just about ready to give up and build my own structure. I looked at everything from park model mobile homes, to kit homes, hemp-crete, road side sheds house conversions and everything in-between- If there was a construction method out their I probably studied it. Everything I looked at had some element that made it a deal killer- either it was too expensive or took forever to have built or was unavailable in my area or was a low price but  also really low quality- there was always something problematic that kept me from buying.

Then, driving through Ponderay, Idaho I saw a demo log cabin on display. As soon as I went in I knew this was it- I always loved log cabins but after speaking with builders was always dismayed by what seemed to me too complicated a process for the novice home buyer. The demo cabin I looked at was beautiful and a turnkey pre-fab- ready to load up and deliver- I was really blown away by the quality- the fit,  finish and materials were outstanding-  it was obvious to me that this structure was built by someone that knows what their doing and takes pride in it. So I checked out the Specialty log cabins website. The site was direct and easy to navigate. Another thing about their website that really impressed was that they actually had the prices on the website! This was always my biggest gripe with any builder- how to get a quick direct answer about how much it costs.

Long story short, I had a great phone call with Nelson, the owner. He invited me out to his facility and really made me feel welcome- Nelson showed me the whole building process and gave me strait, simple answers to all my questions (and with my engineering background I had a lot of questions). I ended up leaving that day purchasing a pre-made 10x20 log cabin at what I think was a phenominal price. Nelson and his crew came out shortly thereafter to deliver my cabin- it went great and was done the same day. this was a tricky delivery in tough winter weather, but Nelson's can do attitude got the job done.

it's now been one year since I had this cabin- I set it up as a full time off grid living structure and it works absolutely perfect! I can't stress enough how much I like this cabin. Thick wood walls, I have come to realize, are the perfect combination of thermal mass, insulation and breathability. Our little cabin house is inexpensive to heat in the winter, stays comfortably cool in the summer without AC and most importantly -it breathes! I've had absolutely no problems with mold or condensation such as I've had with too many other structures I've lived in.

If you've got your heart set on a real log-cabin then you definitely need to check out Specialty log cabins as part of your house hunting. And if you don't have a log cabin on your radar, or just never really gave a log cabin any special thought  then I highly recommend you do- I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."
Jim Rogers
North Idaho

"Montana Specialty Log Construction is a first-class company. They arrived on site and completely blasted my house to bare logs, treated the wood, stained the entire house and repaired missing and damaged chinking in addition to caulking a large number of log checks. From the time they started to the time they did their final clean-up it took 4-1/2 days. I am VERY happy with how everything turned out and would recommend this company to anyone."

- Greg

"Nelson: I can't thank you enough for the beautiful home you built for my family! It is beautiful from many perspectives: artfully designed, artfully constructed, and solid against the strong winds of the area. The wood speaks to my heart and compliments my soul. Thank you."

- Roberta

"We wanted to express our thanks for a job well done by MT Specialty Log Construction. The men were very clean in the performance of their work, placed drop cloths, removed their shoes, and double checked the work. They always asked if everything met our expectations. They were on time, completed the job within stated time frame. and cleaned up upon leaving our home. We would highly recommend Nelson and his crew for any work required on a log home..."

- Ron & Debra

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