Our Cabins are built to last over a lifetime and are specifically designed to be easily transported, and then fully re-assembled, right at your site. These cabins make the perfect hunting, vacation, guest cabin, or whatever your need may be!

Starting at $100/sq. ft. 

Prices are subject to change.

The Perfect Tiny Home!


 Below are some examples of completed cabin projects. This is a great way to share some ideas with you and show you what other folks have done with their cabins. Some examples include guest cabins, hunting cabins, vacation homes, craft rooms, classrooms, studios, offices etc. What will your cabin be used for? Click on the links below for more information and additional photos of these beautiful cabins that we have built.

The "Vacation Home" Cabin

"Pack River"

The "Thompson River" Cabin

"Elko" Cabin

"Wyoming" Cabin

"Orchard View" Cabin


The pricing for our Basic Cabin begins at $120/sqft. This includes:

The pricing for our Basic Covered Porch is $65 per sq. ft.

Ask us about our custom Character Design porch posts!

Our fully-assembled Cabins are transported directly to your site!

Cute, cozy cabins with a 6/12 roof pitch, built no wider than 12′ and no longer than 30′. Anything wider or longer is constructed on site.

Call for details:

Did You Know?

The average cost for a Family Vacation, according to AAA, is $100 per person per day. In other words, a one week vacation for a family of 6 would cost $4,200. So over the course of 10 years, if they take a vacation every year, they will have invested $42,000! Looking for a better way to invest in your family and your financial future? Consider a beautiful Log Cabin!